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    Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia

    Curator and author

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    Prof. Andrei Alexeevich Slavnov (Андрей Алексеевич Славнов)

    Figure 1: Andrei A Slavnov

    Short CV

    • Born in Moscow, 22.12.1939.
    • Graduated with honour from Physical Faculty of Moscow state University at 1962.
    • PhD course at Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow) 1962-1965. PhD (1965).
    • Since June 1965 working at Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow. Junior researcher, senior researcher, principal researcher.
    • Since 1992 head of Department of Quantum Field Theory (at present Department of Theoretical Physics) of Steklov Mathematical Institute.
    • Since 1991 also Chair of Theoretical Physics at Moscow State University.
    • Doctor of Science (1972).
    • Professor of Physics (1981).
    • Corresponding member of Academy of sciences of USSR (at present Russian Academy of sciences) since 1987 till 2000. At 2000 elected a full member of Russian Academy of sciences.
    • First deputy editor of the journal Theoretical and Mathematical Physics (Russia).
    • Rapporteur at the International Conferences on High Energy Physics (1976, 1983).
    • Lecturer and speaker at numerous international schools and conferences.


    • Recipient of the State Prize of Russia in science (1995).
    • Holder of Humboldt Research Award (1999).
    • Recipient of the Fock Prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2007).


    • Numerous papers in scientific journals.
    • Main research interests: Quantum field theory, gauge fields, supersymmetry, renormalization, nonperturbative methods in quantum field theory, lattice models.


    • Gauge fields. Introduction to quantum theory. Moscow, Nauka, 1978. Benjamin, 1980. Second edition, revised and enlarged. Moscow, Nauka 1988. Benjamin, 1990.

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