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    Hyperlink TheVirtualBrain phrase to and also add link back from there to the Scholarpedia page.

    add NEURON ( to list of simulators in opening paragraph.

    neural field -> neural fields (in opening para)

    "A neuronal level modelling is currently not practical ..." - what would the Human Brain Project consortium say!

    I think it would be useful to state the funding source(s) (and duration) and list the main groups/countries involved.

    Initialise a Connectivity, local Model (fig. -> Initialise a Connectivity, local Model (fig. 3

    ... I see now that some of the above suggestions may be redundant (as the new version had been edited!)

    For the given example (generating Fig 3, 4, 5) it would be useful to say more about the details of the specific mesoscopic model.

    Stimulation Paradigms - this section comes really out of the blue with little explanation. How is the whole brain modelled such that V1 and V2 can be probed? What is the EEG model? Where is the noise added (and what type is it)?

    Datatypes - which setion below is referred to (use a hyperlink too).

    Overall the article is well written. The section Purpose & Philosophy is a little verbose - and not yet as succinct as it could be (which is important for a Scholarpedia entry). Overall I would suggest that the authors think carefully about whether this is meant as a Scholarpedia article or a tutorial. It fails in the latter regard - and maybe some of the entry could be stripped out and a proper tutorial created at the main VirtualBrain website.

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