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    Department of Mathematics, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, It

    Curator and author

    Degasperis-Procesi equation is a real nonlinear partial differential equation which applies to water wave propagation and is solvable by the methods of soliton theory.


    The DP equation

    This is the partial differential equation

    <math DP>

    u_t-u_{xxt}-uu_{xxx}-3u_xu_{xx}+4uu_x=0 \,\,\,,\,\,\,u=u(x,t)\,\,, </math> where \(u\) is the independent variable, \(x\) is the space co-ordinate in the direction of propagation and \(t\)is the time variable. In this notation a subscripted variable indicates partial differentiation\[u_x \equiv \partial u /\partial x\,\,,\,\,u_{xx}\equiv \partial^2 u /\partial x^2\,\], etc.. Some, but not all, coefficients may be given values which are different from those appearing in (<ref>DP</ref>), and even other terms may be added, by performing the Galilei transformation \(u(x,t)\rightarrow u'(x,t)=a+u(x-ct,t)\), \(a\)and \(c\)being arbitrary constants. However, the relative values of some coefficients cannot be changed as they are crucial to the special solvability properties of the DP equation (<ref>DP</ref>). Indeed

    Special solutions


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