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Dr. Norman J. Zabusky accepted the invitation on 2010 July 13

Visiometrics refers to ... Visualization , quantification and modeling of evolving amorphous structures. See : DAVID and Visiometrics: Visualizing and quantifying evolving amorphous objects. 1990. F.J. Bitz and N.J. Zabusky, Computers in Physics, Nov/Dec (603-614).

Circulation deposition on shock accelerated planar and curved density-stratified interfaces: models and scaling laws. 1994. R. Samtaney and N.J. Zabusky, J. Fluid Mechanics, 269 (45-78).1994.

Vortex paradigm for accelerated inhomogeneous flows: Visiometrics for the Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov environments”. N.J. Zabusky. Ann. Review of Fluid Mechanics, 1999, 31, 495-535

High-Gradient compressible flows: Visualization, feature extraction and quantification" . 2000 R. Samtaney and N.J. Zabusky in "Flow visualization, techniques and examples. Editors, A. Smits and T. Lim. Imperial College Press, 2000, 317-344.

“Fermi–Pasta–Ulam, solitons and the fabric of nonlinear and computational science: History, synergetics, and visiometrics”. Zabusky, N.J,. Chaos 15, 015102 (2005).

“Vortex dynamics of fluids” ( NL2471), and

         “Visiometrics “ (NL3496) , Both by N.J. Zabusky.In, 
          Encyclopedia of Nonlinear Science, ed. Alwyn Scott. New York &  London: Routledge, 2005. 


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