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Dr. William Kristan accepted the invitation on 21 August 2007 (self-imposed deadline: 21 January 2008).

This article will briefly cover: the anatomy of the leech nervous system and a brief description of the neuronal circuits that produce 6 behaviors: heartbeat, swimming, crawling,shortening,local bending, and feeding. I will ask other people to write articles on specific aspects of leech neurobiology, such as development, learning, and regeneration.

Most of the work on leeches has been reported to be on Hirudo medicinalis, but recent work indicates that the correct species name is Hirudo verbana (Siddall et al, 2007).


  • Siddall ME, Trontelj P, Utevsky SY, Nkamany M, Macdonald KS. Diverse molecular data demonstrate that commercially available medicinal leeches are not Hirudo medicinalis. Proc Biol Sci. 2007 Jun 22;274(1617):1481-7. PMID 17426015,,,
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