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    Reviewer A

    In my opinion, this very compressed perfectly written (in the framework of physical rigorousness) article must be published. I believe very small changing should be performed by the author: In the section "Stochastic web map": 1). The reference to Zaslavsky map should be eliminated because when a reader goes to Zaslavsky map article, he immediately will see a dissipative map;of course the term Zaslavsky web map must be kept. 2). In Fig.2 capture: non uniform=>non-uniformly filled. 3). In the property (b) it is unclear what the author mean under words "dynamical invariant": the web is independent on a system? --It would be nice to clear up this point or to eliminate (b) at all. In the section "web skeleton" it is unclear what does it mean:"with maximum of saddle points".

    Reviewer B

    This is an informative summary of this important and elegant example of the sort of dynamics that may appear when the conditions of KAM theory fail. A technical issue which needs to be corrected: Figures 4 and 5 sometimes overlap on the screen.

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