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    Comments and suggested changes.

    In the introduction:

    line 8: Wachstums instead of Wastums;

    line 9: published instead of publisshed;

    line 17: Most crystals grow ... Gibbs, and it is ... instead of Most crystals grow ... Gibbs, and is ...

    In the proof of Wulff's theorem:

    line 14: What is the meaning of τD(′′′n′′′)?

    line 15: classical isoperimetric inequality instead of isoperimetric property.

    In Interfaces and surface tension:

    In the formula giving the surface tension the term n_d should be replaced by n_3.

    In Rigid interfaces:

    Line 10: If this is the case, then one says that the interface is rough. instead of One says then that the interface is rough.

    I would suppress the last line of the paper.

    Reference 5: Grundlehren instead of Grundiehren.

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