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    This article is clear and covers well the important topics. Minor comments below:

    Above Figure 2, in the paragraph "The attitude": missing period, should read "WMAP-Sun line. Blow-down hydrazine".

    Figure 3 caption: grammar, should read "effects of the Earth's proper motion are removed".

    I realize the space is restricted but the cosmological results mentioned should have more detailed caveats. I suggest the following phrasings:

    "The universe is 13.7 billion years old, with a margin of error of about 1% if one assumes the LCDM model". (One could add a link to the LCDM article in Scholarpedia.)

    "The WMAP data confirm the existence of dark energy and aid in placing new constraints on its nature." (WMAP, or all CMB data, alone do not substantially constrain a constant equation of state.)

    "In combination with large scale structure measurements, many particular inflation models are ruled out".

    "producing a spatially flat (Euclidean) universe".

    "WMAP combined with other cosmological data has determined that the universe is flat".

    FROM THE AUTHOR: Good points. I have addressed them all.

    FROM REFEREE B: Looks good. Note in the second to last paragraph of the article there is a " rather than a period after the phrase ruled out.

    FROM THE AUTHOR: Thanks. Typo is now fixed.

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