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    I just removed the review tags from this article. The article's curator will need to approve the changes. However, many of the review tags contained valuable comments. The authors may want to look through the version history (the version prior to this one).

    This is a rather confusing review system.

    Anyhow, the article is generally fine. It covers some of the main topics about visual masking. My concerns are all relatively minor.

    1) Why the unnecessary French in the opening paragraph ("fin de siècle")?

    2) I'm not sure at what audience this is pitched towards. The text makes use of relatively sophisticated terms. I'm not sure even a PhD in cognitive psychology would be able to read this material with good understanding.

    3) I don't understand the claim that "These masking methods can be distinguished from each other by the functions they yield relating masking magnitude to the SOA separating the target and mask." Lots of conditions can give rise to different masking functions, and different methods can create lots of different types of masking functions. I don't see the connection here.

    4) Is it not possible to take advantage of the browser and show a demo of some masking effects?

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