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    Suggestions for improvement

    Since this article deals with a number of aspects related to temperature perception, it would be helpful to include a short (untitled) paragraph before the first section starts, introducing the different aspects that the article deals with.

    The title of the first section ("Thermal touch") is the same as the title of the whole article. This is a bit confusing, since the first section deals with a very specific aspect of temperature perception, namely perception of the rate at which heat is conducted out of the skin. I would suggest renaming this section "Object Coolness" or "Heat Conduction Perception".

    In § 1, the author mentions thermal properties, such as conductivity and specific heat, as determinants for the heat conduction rate. Here, the thermal contact resistance between skin and object, and the size and shape of the object should also be mentioned.

    In § 2, ¶ 1 and 2, several precise numbers are stated. These should be accompanied by their literature references.

    Typo in ¶ 3: degree sign after "greater than 45"

    § 4, ¶ 1: opening bracket after "e.g." should be before "e.g."

    § 4, ¶ 3: "... never found with tactile stimulation" should be "never found with mechanical stimulation", since thermal stimulation on the skin is also tactile stimulation (i.e. related to the sense of touch).

    § 5: "the rate at which adaptation occurs is very rapid", but what is rapid? Can you include some typical figures here: within 1 s, 10 s, 100 s? Also include a literature reference for these numbers.

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