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    To the editors

    A very impressive entry on convection, covering a lot of ground. It does, however, need a few changes, as detailed below, and carried out in the edited version of the entry.

    I would also like to apologize to the editors, as well as the authors, for tardiness of my contribution. I hope it will, in the end, benefit all parties involved.

       Best wishes,
           Regner Trampedach

    To the authors

    I have changed the order and heading of some sections, please make sure these changes make sense and that the new sections have the necessary introductions.

    A number of remaining issues (in chronological order):

    "Going beyond MLT:...":

    • Explain why (if) we need to go to resolutions that encompass Re=10^{12}.
    • Define RGB and AGB stars.

    "Surface Convection":

    • I think it would be a good idea to show some observations of Solar granulation, here. I would like to suggest pictures from the Solar Swedish Telescope (SST), which can be found at: [1]

    There are several astonishing ones!

    "Convection and Rotation":

    • Fig. 2: At what depth does Fig. 2 show the radial velocity?

    "Differential Convection and Rotation in the Sun":

    • Explain Reynolds stresses,
    • ...and how they can affect large scale flows.
    • Explain what is meant by "...thermal wind balance..."
    • Define references BT02, MBT06.

    "Convective Dynamos"

    • Should this section be split up into further sub-sections?
    • Better wording of the explanation of how convection "...can convert toroidal flux to poloidal flux through the fragmentation and dispersal of photospheric active regions." I don't quite see what the fragmentation and dispersal has to do with the flux conversion.
    • Explain what effect HD and MHD instabilities might have on the evolution of the Solar radiative interior.
    • This sentence is not clear to me: "The large-scale magnetic torques are found to be 2 orders of magnitude smaller, confirming the small dynamical role played by the mean fields in global MHD simulations without a tachocline of shear and a self-established 11-yr cycle." - and do the MHD simulations have the 11 yr cycle or not?


    • I find that the conclusions don't quite agree with the text.
    • Maybe a conclusion isn't really needed in this forum.
    • Maybe "Recommended reading" (monographs) and "External links" would be more useful for a user of scholarpedia - I stole the idea from a quick glance at other entries in scholarpedia.

    And thanks for contributing to this excellent resource for the greater community.

        Best wishes,
           Regner Trampedach
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