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    Reviewer A

    This article provides a comprehensive review on the study of limit cycles of planar polynomial vector fields, closely related to Hilbert's 16th problem. In particular, the authors reviewed the progress of research on the quadratic systems, higher-degree polynomial systems, as well as Lienard systems. The recent developments and research results including the authors' contributions are presented. This is very useful for researchers in this area, particularly related to Hilbert's 16th problem.

    Although it can not expect a short article to give a complete review for the study of limit cycles in this area, this article seems to be quite restricted to the work of Chinese scholars. If this is the case, then a brief statement should be give in the beginning of the introduction. It would be better to include most recently published work in this area. Also, if the article can give a brief review on the application of limit cycles, it would be even better.

    The reviewer recommend the article to be published in the Scholarpedia after a careful revision.

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