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    Reviewer A

    The next remarkable discovery was made in 1952 : is there a reason not to mention that Onsager in 1948 wrote the exact value of the spontaneous magnetization (without proof!) (I mean Kaufman, B., Onsager, L.: Comment to the ``theory of regular solutions following the paper by G.S. Rushbrooke, Supplemento Nuovo Cimento, {\bf6}, 261, 1949.) Also as far as I know the great paper of Yang does not find the spontaneous magnetization because it computes the limit quoted ($H\to 0^+$) by studying it in a field which tends to zero in the thermodynamic limit: obtaining in principle a quantity $\le$ than the spontaneous magnetization (defined by the limit in the present article: whose actual identity with the limit and validity of the Onsager and Yang magnetization was found quite later (if I am not mistaken): maybe the Author can enlighten the reader on the matter.

    spontane.eous in line 1 of "Spin Correlation Functions"

    Determinental Representation : should it be Determinantal ??

    Aside from the above minor remarks I find the article very informative and useful: the recent progress in the exact derivation of various scaling laws make the present review even more important as an easily accessible tool for reference to the major features of the Ising model, written by one of its main contributors.

    It would be very helpful if where to find each item (or formula), presented in the article, was linked to one of the appended references, possibly indicating even the page. This could be done very easily by the Author who could indicate to the editors the appropriate information (for insertion in the text).

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