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    Author has been omitted in second reference - assume it should be: Peter Henrci.

    I have fixed a number of typos, ranging from missing commas to missing factors of 1/h^p in Eq. (5). Several other matters: (a) There does not seem to be any good reason to restrict Eq.(1) to the autonomous case, so I made it (and Eq. (2)) general. (b) The link at Stiff Systems after Eq. (2) works, but the brackets show; I leave this to the editor to fix. (c) In the paragraph about variable step sizes, I added a sentence about the use of the Nordsieck array, since this is used just as often as divided differences, in the various BDF codes that people use.

    Author replies:

    Thank you for fixing typos.

    I have changed the line break and "fixed" the "Stiff Systems" problem.

    I am under the impression that the Nordsieck array is seldom used any more (I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone, even though I championed it early on). However, I don't feel strongly about it so am happy to leave it as changed - but if you have a change of heart, please take it out.

    I have added pointers to the "see also" section as requested by reviewer A.

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