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    Lauritsen Laboratory , California Institute of Technology, US and The Martin A. Fisher School of Physics, Brandeis University, US.

    Curator and author

    Prof. Stanley Deser

    Figure 1: Prof. Stanley Deser


    • 1949: BS Summa Cum Laude, Brooklyn College
    • 1950: MA Harvard University
    • 1953: PhD Harvard University (Adviser: J Schwinger)

    Professional Record (only longer-term positions)

    • 1953–55, 1988, 1993: Member, Institute for Advanced Study
    • 1954: Research Associate, University of California, Radiation Laboratory
    • 1955–57: Member, Niels Bohr Institute for Theoretical Physics, Copenhagen
    • 1957–58: Lecturer, Harvard University
    • 1958–65: Associate Professor, Brandeis University
    • 1961–62, 1976, 1980–81, 1994: Visiting Scientist, CERN, Geneva
    • 1964–70: Co-Director and Co-Editor, Brandeis Summer Institutes in Theoretical Physics
    • 1965–80: Professor of Physics, Brandeis University
    • 1980– Ancell Professor of Physics, Brandeis University
    • 1966–67: Visiting Professor, Institut Henri Poincare of the Sorbonne
    • 1969–71, 1976–77: Chairman, Physics Department, Brandeis University
    • 1971–72: Visiting Professor, Faculty of Science, University of Paris – Orsay
    • 1977: Fellow, All Souls Oxford
    • 1984–85: Co-Director, Field Theory Program, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara
    • 1987–88: Visiting Professor, Boston University
    • 2005– Visiting Professor, California Institute of Technology

    Honors and Awards

    • National Academy of Sciences, USA
    • American Academy of Arts & Science
    • Foreign member, Torino Academy of Science, Italy.
    • Dannie Heineman Prize with R. Arnowitt and C. W. Misner
    • Guggenheim & Fulbright Fellow
    • Honorary Doctorate Degrees from Stockholm Univ and Chalmers Institute of Technology
    • Festschrift: “Deserfest,” World Pub (2006). J T Liu, M J Duff, K S Stelle and R P Woodard, eds.

    Selected Works

    • ADM
    • SUGRA in 1976 (with Zumino)
    • Topologically massive 3D theories 1982 (with Jackiw)
    • 3D Einstein with Jackiw and 't Hooft,
    • More recently a series on partially massive gauge theories in (A) dS (with Waldron)

    See also

    Stanley Deser's homepage at Brandeis University

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